A City of Vancouver Heritage Award for the Coulter House project!

This is the story of a little old house that somehow survived as its neighbourhood changed around it. Recently, it had the opportunity to participate in a new development, and in doing so, play a new role, not the typical role we are used to seeing old buildings play where they are just lucky enough to get casted and even exist in our modern cities, but in the case of the Coulter House, constructed as nothing special, one of hundreds, it now plays the leading role of an ambassador for old buildings. It’s a surprising, strong, provocative and unconventional project, where an old Victorian-era cottage is embedded into a new commercial building. The composition provokes the questions: Do old houses have a place in the future of the City? Are they relevant? Can they evolve? Can they inform new, modern uses? We are thrilled to have received a City of Vancouver Heritage Award for this project.

Watch this amazing 3 min video to learn more about the story. Shout out to Conwest, Yamamoto Architecture and make sure to go for a meal at Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions to experience it for yourself!

Vancouver’s History Becomes Part of its Future at HOUSS from Conwest on Vimeo.

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